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WELCOME! We offer fully guided waterfowl hunting trips in southeastern Alberta and are a member of the Alberta Professional Outfitter Society (APOS). BWO was created with the simple ... moregoal of offering the highest quality waterfowl hunting experience possible. From before you arrive, to after you leave, we are equipped to ensure your entire experience with us is of the utmost quality.

Our hunting area spans hundreds of square miles so we are able to make sure we always stay on fantastic hunting. Our area is where the flyway funnels down and concentrates migrating waterfowl as they stage before migrating south into the Dakotas and Montana. This area holds incredible numbers of all 3 species of Geese and Several species of ducks; especially Mallards and Pintails. We spend every spare minute scouting to ensure we stay on the birds and put you on the best hunt possible. We offer a great lodge cabin style lodge that can sleep up to 14. All meals are prepared by our gourmet chef and are as good as you can find at any hunting lodge in Canada. From beginning to end, we strive to make your hunting experience successful and memorable. Book today and let us show you a fantastic waterfowl hunting experience.

The Hunt

The hunts take place primarily in barley and pea fields but we follow the birds. If there is a pothole or marsh that is loaded, we will hunt over water. Waders will not be necessary for the hunt but are optional if you wish to bring them. We use Dakota Decoys, top quality ground blinds, and Kent ammunition. We do the majority of our hunting near the lodge but we have a large hunting area, and if necessary, can travel to be where the best hunting is. In this case hunters will either stay in a very comfortable bed and breakfast, or hotel close to the hunting area. Weather in Alberta can vary from sunny and 70 degrees F, to 25 degrees and snowing. Typically temperatures are 30s in the morning to 40s and 50s in the afternoon. Rain and snow is always a possibility.

4 people for a private group. 12 person max
2 different lodging options depending on time of season.

3 day,3 night- 5 hunts - $2300
Lodging and meals provided
License provided
2 boxes of shells a day provided
Extra shells can be purchased from me

3 day, 3 night- 6 hunts - $2550

Lodging and meals provided

License provided

4 boxes of shells provided per day.

Extra Shells can be purchased from me.

5 day, 5 night- 10 hunts - $4000

Lodging and meals provided

License provided

4 boxes of shells provided per day.

Extra Shells can be purchased from me.

Bird processing:$3 per bird
8 ducks (4 may be pintail) (8 mallards-No hen law
8 dark geese 5 of witch can be specklebellies
50 snows and we can use E-caller during regular season

What's NOT included:

Travel to and from Alberta Canada.

Rental vehicles



Staff gratuities

A 50% Nonrefundable deposit is required.
Remaining balance MUST BE PAID IN FULL BY AUGUST 5th.
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Lodge, Outfitter
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Drive To
Game Species:
Geese, Waterfowl