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Freshwater Charter
Freshwater Region
Fraser River
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Targeted Freshwater Fish
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Light Tackle
/ 8-hour
2 - 4 People
8 hours
Captain/Name of Contact:
Chad Helmer
Welcome to Chad’s Fishing Charters, enjoy the abundant fishing opportunities that exist in the Fraser Valley. Our home in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada is centered in this lush valley, surrounded by spectacular mountains and a vast watershed – home to a variety of sea-run and resident fish, including salmon, sturgeon, steelhead and trout. We at Chad’s Fishing Charters provide both amateur and avid anglers with world-class fishing adventures.

Custom River Jet Boats  
Chad’s fishing Charters fleet of 16 custom river jet boats ranging from 21′ to 24′ ft have been expertly designed to withstand the various demands of our local rivers. Our boats can run in as little as 6″inch of water and can reach speeds in excess of 45mph. They are truly river machines.

To protect you from the elements each boat boasts a full walk-through windshield and a fully enclosed custom removable top. Although they have sitting available for 5-6 passengers, we recommend that groups stick to 4 anglers/ boat as this provides the most comfortable fit. There is also plenty of storage space for your lunches, coolers, and your daily catch.

Included in all your Fishing Packages:
  • Exclusive booking.
  • All fishing gear, tackle, bait, boat fuel, and waders included.
  • Transportation to and from the boat launches from the hotel or agreed upon marshalling point.
  • The BEST Fishing Adventure you have ever experienced.
  • 8 Hours
  • Fully Guided
  • Fish Guaranteed
Sturgeon Fishing Guide
The founder of Chad’s Fishing Charters, Chad Helmer – a third generation sturgeon fishing guide – has made his life fishing the extensive waterways of the Fraser valley. Making the most of his professional fishing guides, superior fishing equipment, and (most importantly) of the good fishing, Chad will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable fishing experience, unsurpassable by any other fishing experience available in the lower mainland.

Chad’s Fishing Charter’s most favored specialty is the prehistoric white Sturgeon, the largest of freshwater fish in B.C. and a cherished resident to the Fraser River. The spectacular experience of reeling in this powerful beast will be a challenge, even for the best of anglers. With a dear love for the white Sturgeon, and a respect for future conservation, Chad’s Fishing Charters is active in the monitoring of white sturgeon, tagging and releasing every catch. Sturgeon fishing with Chad’s Fishing Charters is renowned as the best; find out why! Book your Sturgeon fishing trip today!

The Fraser Valley fishing season is in full run between May 1st and November 30th; let us guide your technique in spinning, fly, trolling and bar fishing, for an array of Salmon including Pink, Coho, Chinook (king salmon), Sockeye, and Chum.

The Best Sturgeon Fishing
Want to experience the ancient, the ferocious, the mammoth fresh water Sturgeon? In British Columbia, you can. We can help you find ‘em. A two-person operation, taking down one of these six of seven foot ‘dinosaurs’ is an indescribable experience; from the first hit, to the anchor’s release and the big chase, there is no rivalled sport in British Columbia! And it takes place in our backyard, the mighty Fraser, grounds for world-class Sturgeon fishing adventures second to none (March1 to December 15 ideal). A quality photo of you and your sturgeon is provided at no charge. This is a catch and release fishing experience, and the best the Fraser Valley has to offer. Drop in your 130-pound test line, and away we go!

With Chad’s Fishing Charters, your complete fresh water guiding service, you will experience the best the Fraser River has to offer. Fight the fish of your choice, Salmon, Trout, or Sturgeon, on a boat or on a bar, and anything in between – only one hour from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with the best guides the province of British Columbia has to offer. These licensed and trained professionals use only the best tackle, boats, and equipment to ensure your safety, convenience, and pleasure throughout the entire experience. Our guides and equipment are designed specifically for all British Colombian seasons, with covered-top boats sporting floor-heaters. Want pictures? We do that, no charge. We want this to be memorable, we want this to be fun, and we envision success for every adventure. Chartered tours are fully customizable according to preference – trout, sturgeon, or Salmon of any available variety – Chinook, Steelhead, Coho, Sockeye… any way you want – spin cast, drift or fly fish, with waders, jackets, and everything else, at top quality – this is your dream fishing charter, in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Salmon Fishing Trips
Salmon Fishing Trips on the Fraser River in British Columbia is what sports anglers around the world are calling a sport fishing paradise. Five species of Pacific Salmon migrate up the Fraser River annually in search of their spawning tributaries. Our fishing guides target these fresh fish on the Fraser River as well as the Harrison, Stave, Vedder, and Pitt River systems.Reserve a salmon fishing charter with the Chad’s Fishing Charters today and enjoy sport salmon fishing trips the Canadian way. With huge runs of Sockeye Salmon, Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Chum Salmon, and Pink Salmon there is always something to angle for.

Steelhead Fishing in Chilliwack
Chad’s Fishing Charter’s offers steelhead fishing fishery  from January 1 to May 31 and is a a walk and wade trip.
Steelhead fishing on our local rivers, Vedder and Chehalis rivers, near Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada can provide first-class winter Steelhead fishing. Successful Steelhead hatchery programs give everyone the benefit of both wild and hatchery Steelhead stocks for top quality action in three rivers. British Columbia Steelhead are one of the worlds most sought after game fish because of their beauty and quality of fight. They range up to 25 lbs. Steelhead enter our rivers in late December and continue through till the end of May (May is fly only). These fish are very popular! The Fraser Valley is home to one of the most successful Steelhead hatchery programs in British Columbia. Whether you are fly fishing, Spey fishing or using conventional angling methods, Chad’s Fishing guides are experienced, knowledgeable and some of the best in the business! Fishing for steelhead involves a walk and wade trip on rivers that are just as beautiful in the winter as in the summer.

Fly Fishing
Fly Fishing for Salmon, Steelhead, Trout & Char are a great way to spend a weekend, fly fishing in the Fraser Valley offers diverse opportunities for anglers featuring rivers that offer year-round fly fishing for resident and sea-run trout & char, rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, bull trout/dolly varden. For any angler looking for a terrific fly fishing adventure in beautiful south-western British Columbia, Chad’s Fishing Charteris the best deal in town.

Both resident and sea-run trout and char populate the tributaries of the Fraser River, making the Fraser Valley a fly fishing paradise.  From both our Chilliwack and our Harrison locations, fly fishing opportunities are available for cutthroat and rainbow trout, as well as dolly varden/bull trout. Although most of these species run year-round, the down-season runs from May to early August, winter and spring being the most prolific seasons.  Book a trip with us today and we’ll arrange it to meet your needs.
Trip Inclusions:
Rods & Reels
Lures & Tackle
Live Bait
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Alcoholic beverages, Gratuities
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Sun Glasses
Fishing Licence
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All Year
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November 1st ~ July 31st8-hour
8 hours
November 1st ~ July 31st
November 1st ~ July 31st
August 1st ~ October 31st
August 1st ~ October 31st
August 1st ~ October 31st
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3776 McDermott Rd, Abbotsford, BC V3G 2J8, Canada
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Cash, Credit Card
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10% deposit paid to Track & Tackle online to secure booking. The balance is due on or before the trip date, paid to Chad's Fishing Charters.
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