Drone Use For Hunting

By Track & Tackle 10/29/2017 5 minutes

There have been countless technological advances in the sport of hunting over the centuries that have made it safer, more productive and enjoyable but one of the newest technologies seem to take the sport out of it and provinces are addressing the issue with regulations on it. Drones were not developed specifically as an aid to hunters searching for their targeted prey, but there has been increased use of them for these purposes. With the support of guides and outfitters along with their affiliated associations the provinces and territories are putting into place regulations that ban such practices.

It is believed that drone use gives an unfair advantage to the hunter and violates the “fair chase” principal, a term used to describe an ethical approach to hunting wild animals in their natural habitat with the reasonable opportunity for escape.
The provinces of British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan along with the Yukon Territory have already put in place regulations specifically banning drone use. Any hunter caught using one can face some pretty hefty fines.  Penalties can range from a minimum of $2,500 up to $250,000 and/or two years in jail.

Other Canadian provinces that do not have specific regulations in place for drone use already prohibit hunters from using aircraft or other vehicles to locate, herd or chase their prey. Since a drone is a form of aircraft, users of such can be penalized under these regulations until such time as the term drone can be added to existing regulations. Something that other provinces will be addressing as growth in drone use continues. Penalties in provinces under the existing aircraft regulations are up to $100,000 and/or one year in prison.

Drone technology is one advancement that seems to take the sport out of hunting and the enjoyment of being in the outdoors. Harvesting an animal is a testament to the hunter’s skill and perseverance. Whether stalking, calling or patiently waiting all are attributes of what it is to be a successful hunter.

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