Fall Trout & Salmon

By Track & Tackle 8/20/2017 5 minutes

It is that time of year when freshwater rivers are being targeted by anglers for salmon, trout and steelhead during the fall runs. There are few countries with such angling destinations rivaling that of Canada’s. With its diverse salmon and trout species there is no lack of options across the country as the fish move from the larger bodies of water into the tributaries to spawn. It is a journey borne of instinct, one that can take them hundreds of miles returning to the same spawning beds where their lives began.

Chose from pristine rivers amongst rugged landscapes to urban waterways nestled between skyscrapers. Many offer easy access to abundant fish including numerous trophies. The fall fishing is an explosion of fun waiting for the taking. Fish species include steelhead and brown trout as well as coho, pink, atlantic and chum salmon.

Some of the top rivers to experience the thrill of the fall fishing event include:

British Columbia

-Thompson River
-Skeen River
-Bulkley River
-Kispiox River
-Babine River


Lake Superior

-McKenzie River
-Wolf River
-Black Sturgeon River

Lake Huron

-Saugeen River
-Maitland River
-Bayfield River
-Nottawasaga River

Lake Ontario

-Bronte Creek
-Credit River
-Humber River
-Niagara River
-Six Mile Creek

Lake Erie

-Grand River
-Youngs Creek
-Big Creek

Atlantic Canada

-Saint John River, NB
-Miramichi River, NB
-Exploits River, NL
-Margaree River, NS
-Montague River, PEI

Across the country regions have had unusual weather conditions that may result in anglers facing some challenges during the fall season. Overcoming obstacles such as water levels and temperatures will be an important factor in achieving consistent success.

Tip 1: Salmon are usually the first to enter the rivers when water temperatures are still high. Try fishing in the morning and late afternoon during early fall.

Tip 2: If salmon are not biting while huddled in pools try fishing the outer pockets. Walk by the pools and focus your efforts on the pockets between the pools.

Tip 3: Most of the time when steelhead are sitting in a pool they will be at its head, try fishing this area.

Tip 4: Steelhead are explosive when first hooked and is the time when most fish are lost. Fish with a light drag, while not putting too much pressure on the fish. This will greatly improve the odds of landing the fish.

Tip 5: Brown trout are keen for salmon row. Since they spawn later than salmon, you often hear the notion that the trout are following the salmon to eat their eggs. This is not the case, but if it provides a formula for increased activity have at it.

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