How it Works for Trip Providers

Track & Tackle makes it easy for resorts, lodges, outfitters, guides, captains and charter boat operators to post, manage and accept bookings for fishing or hunting trips.

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Track & Tackle is a great way to showcase your services to fishing and hunting enthusiasts. It is free to create a listing or have one created for you, with no upfront or monthly fees. You can easily make changes to or update pictures as often as you like (there is no limit on the number of pictures). You have total control of accepting, changing or declining booking requests. Applicable sales tax in your region are added to the posted rate when a booking request is submitted. The client pays the trip provider directly.

Step 1:  
Create a free user account.  

Step 2:  After signing in, go to "My Listings" to create a posting. You can create as many postings as you like to account for different operations.  Information is easily inputted using check boxes, drop menus and fill in the blanks. Be sure to click the save button whenever information is added or changed. 

Step 3:  Add a package to the main profile.  Any trip offering accommodation must add at least one package listing to the main profile to appear in the search results and mapping feature. This is done by clicking on the main profile, scrolling to the bottom and click the "Save & Continue" button. A page with your packages and an "Add Package" button will appear. Add as many packages as you like e.g. main lodge, outpost, fly-in, etc. Be sure to click the save button whenever changes are made. 

Step 4:  Add lots of pictures. Photos on the main profile can be for a general visual of a trip experience and photos on the package profile can be for specifics like the targeted species, package offerings, different outpost location or cabin. Click save.

Step 5:  Prices - when inputting the prices make sure to choose the correct currency that the packages are offered in. This amount may appear different when a booking is requested depending on the currency the client has chosen, the outcome of the currency exchange will be equivalent to your posted price.  

Step 6: Make sure to input the applicable tax rate in your region. This will be added to the posted rate so that the client is aware of the total due.   

Step 7:  Operating Schedule - make sure you state the months that you are open for business. Dates not open will be blacked out so that booking requests are not received on those dates.

Step 8:  Review the profile. Read the terms of service and commission fee. The commission on a successful booking is subtracted from the total amount and the remaiming balance is the amount the trip provider receives from the client.

Step 9:  Before the listing is published we verify the information and its appropriateness to the target audience. Once published the listing can be edited at any time to ensure information is up to date.

Step 10:  Accept booking requests.

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