Trophy Moose Hunts

By Track & Tackle 11/12/2017 5 minutes

Moose can be hunted in almost every Canadian province and territory. There are those who hunt annually for meat and not overly concerned about harvesting a trophy bull 50 inches plus. For those who are after a trophy, it is on their bucket list and once they have gotten the one they are looking for it is checked off the list. One thing to keep in mind about moose populations, as you go further north they have adapted to the colder climates by increasing their body mass and so to their antler size.

Attempting to harvest such a trophy, it is best to utilize the expertise of a local outfitter. They know their management area well and have all the infrastructure in place to allow for an enjoyable and hopefully successful hunt. Some moose hunts can range for $3,000 USD to $8,000 USD, but for a trophy expect $8,000 USD to $15,000 USD and even $20,000 USD. One key factor depends on the region you will be hunting and how remote it is to get to. Often the more remote the bigger the moose. These hunts are generally only accessed by horseback and float plane, hence the cost.

Canada has outstanding moose hunting across the country, but it is worth mention few areas with either high moose populations or high trophy possibilities:

Newfoundland can be said to have one of the largest moose populations per square kilometer in the country. The terrain is rocky with lots of open space making it easier to spot moose as they roam about. It is not uncommon to see two or more bull moose gathered together even when it is not rutting season.

Saskatchewan and Alberta offer great moose hunting, with pockets producing better bulls than others. You will also see many bulls when hunting this region giving you plenty of opportunities to take a shot. It is ideal for spot and stalk hunts, as well as archery, where a bull can be ambushed coming out of open fields.

Northern BC and the Yukon offer the ideal remote locations to go after a bull moose 50 to 60 plus. An outfitter offering hunting packages in this region will likely be using a float plane or horse to get you further back into the wilderness. Some hunts can be physically demanding especially if spending eight hours a day on horseback is not something you are used to. These hunts are also the most expensive, do to the cost of getting you there and getting your moose out.

Hunting in any of these regions with an outfitter you are sure to enjoy yourself even if it is not a successful trophy hunt. If harvesting something is a must you can always make it a combo hunt with tags of other species to increase your chances of taking a shot.

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