Trophy Shoulder Mounts

By Track & Tackle 10/1/2017 5 minutes

Heading out on a big game hunt there are thoughts of harvesting a trophy animal and if a successful hunt produces such a prize there is the desire to preserve the memory of the tiime everything came together to achieve the dream. Taxidermy has been around for a long time and having a taxidermist create a mount to display the hunts success is a great way to preserve the memory.

To ensure the best results for your mount, proper care is required from the field until you get the hide and cap to the taxidermist. The following steps along with do’s and don’ts should help to achieve this.

Step 1: Starting behind the ears cut the hide along the backbone all the way to the tail in the same direction as the hair grows from under the skin with the blade pointing up so not to cut any hair.

Step 2:  Well behind the shoulders at approximately the middle ribs cut all the way around the circumference of the animal. To complete, the animal will need to be rolled after other steps completed. (Figure 1A)

Step 3: Cut the hide on the front legs around the knee. Cut along the back of the leg to the chest. Then along the chest to the opposite leg. Figure (1B)

Step 4: Skin the hide to the base of the skull, below the jaw and behind the ears. Try to minimize the amount of fat and meat left on the hide without cutting into it.

Step 5: Flip the animal over and complete steps 2 – 4.

Step 6: Below the skull cut all the way around the neck into the joint between vertebrates. Head can be removed by twisting in both directions.

  • use a sharp knife and take your time
  • fold skin side to skin side
  • get hide and skull to taxidermist as quickly as possible
  • freeze solid if cannot get to taxidermist right away
  • drag the animal
  • let hide sit in the sun
  • freeze hide for a long period of time

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