Winter Trapping

By Track & Tackle 1/14/2018 5 minutes

Canada has a long history of fur trapping, it all started during a time when the pelts were predominantly used for fashion. Today it is becoming more of a recreational activity or used as a wildlife management tool. Whatever remains of the fur industry, most pelts are obtained from commercial fur farms. The animals that are still trapped, beaver, muskrat, marten, racoon and squirrel are the five top species targeted in Canada. While the coyote has experienced a huge surge in recent years as the demand for fur trimmed parkas has skyrocketed. 

For hunters faced with time to fill after the regular hunting season is over with and a long cold winter to be faced with, trapping can be a great way to fill in the gap. Trapping is a game of wits, it helps to keep one sharp and likely to improve on general hunting abilities. After some time every trapper will develop their own tricks to get the upper hand on the smartest of prey.

There are many techniques, types of gear and baits to use, but the single greatest key to success is cleanliness, particularly eliminating all traces of scent. Traps need to be boiled to remove grease and human scent, scent free gloves are also a must. This holds true when setting the traps, have a pair of rubber footwear that are only used at or near a trap set.

Make sure the sets are natural looking, often a fox or coyote will avoid stepping off of a trail to investigate a set but will be willing to advance to the very edge. A dirt hole set should appear as if dug by another animal not a human with a shovel. The location of these sets should be where your intended target makes frequent passes. No point setting a trap and hoping for the best, make certain that there are signs of frequent activity.

There are all sorts of baits that can be used, ask 10 old time trappers and you will get 20 different answers. If you do not want the expense of using food fit for human consumption, do not underestimate the potential draw that cheap dog food has on the wiliest of prey.

Grizzly Creek Lodge offers a great winter trapping experience, partaking in one adventure they can provide you with years of experience. Yukon Trapping Adventures.

Remember not to underestimate an animals ability to identify danger, they are intelligent enough to back away when they smell or sense it. Remain vigilant and you will surely enjoy yourself.

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