How it Works

Track & Tackle makes it easy for anglers and hunters to search for and book their next trip.

Before booking reviews can be checked and additional questions asked through our messaging system. This allows easy communication and if a problem arises the Track & Tackle team has the documentation to resolve the issue quickly. All transactions go through a secure payment system that Track & Tackle has partnered with. After the trip has taken place, we encourage everyone to leave a review of their service provider. This allows them to build up their reputation and give future users confidence in making their bookings. If there are any unanswered questions, concerns or feedback please contact us at:

Step 1: Choose a currency you wish to see the prices posted in. The selector is at the bottom of the start page and includes Canadian or U.S. funds.

Step 2:
 Search through all the postings to find exactly what you are looking for.  You can filter the results by location, price, species, style and more.  This can be done without signing in or having an account.

Step 3:  Create an account or sign in. This can easily be done using facebook or google+ credentials or using an email and password.

Step 4:  Communicate with any of the providers using our messaging system.  Clarify any confusion, want more detail, or need something specific it can all be done through our system.  You can even request to see if your preferred dates are available.

Step 5:  Book your desired package and dates with the chosen service provider. Once you have made a booking the service provider will send you a confirmation.  This usually takes 2 to 5 business days.  If it takes longer please contact us at so that we can take care of the hold-up.  Once the provider confirms the booking your payment will be processed and all trip information will be sent to your email address.  In most cases payment made to Track & Tackle is only a deposit to secure your spot.  The balance is to be paid directly to the service provider on the day of arrival.  The service provider may require an additional deposit amount, be sure to read deposit requirments in the listing before booking.  Additional deposit amounts will also be stated in the e-voucher issued.

Step 6:  Prepare for your trip.  Go through your checklist and verify with the provider anything that you need to bring.

Step 7:  Show up at the prearranged time.  Enjoy every moment of your time in the great outdoors.

Step 8:  Post reviews about your trip and the service provider.  Send us your stories and pictures, we enjoy hearing about others adventures.

Create an account and book your next adventure!