Licences & Regulations

Each region has its own regulations and licensing requirements. Click on the link in the desired region for more information.

 Canada - recreational saltwater fishing in Pacific and Atlantic.


 Alberta - recreational fishing and hunting.

 British Columbia - fish and wildlife branch.

 Manitoba - recreational fishing.
 Manitoba - hunting licensing and regulations.

 New Brunswick - fishing resources.
 New Brunswick - hunting resources.

 Newfoundland & Labrador - anglers guide.
 Newfoundland & Labrador - hunting licensing and regulations.

 Nova Scotia - fishing licences and regulations.
 Nova Scotia - hunting resources.

 Ontario - fishing and hunting licences and regulations.

 Prince Edward Island - angling and hunting resources.

 Quebec - sport fishing resources.
 Quebec - hunting resources.

 Saskatchewan - angling and hunting resources.


 Northwest Territories - fishing resources.
 Northwest Territories - huntng resources.

 Nunavut - fishing and hunting resources.

 Yukon - fishing resources.
 Yukon - hunting resources.