Track & Tackle recommends when booking a trip to purchase travel insurance for the peace of mind in case your plans have to be cancelled, interupted or an accident occurs during.
Tugo offers great protection at competitive rates and delivers on their comittment. An example of this can be seen with a recent situation occurring where the traveller was on a fishing expedition in the Yukon. In the evening, he startled a moose and her calf. He was knocked to the ground by the moose and thrashed around for several minutes. He was airlifted to Whitehorse for treated.

Air Ambulance fees: $48,000
Prescriptions: $39.45
Amount paid by TuGo: $48,039.45

Keep Canada Fishing is the national voice of Canada’s anglers, and we lead the effort to preserve your right to sustainably fish on our lakes, oceans, rivers and streams.
Keep Canada Fishing is dedicated to promoting the importance and benefits of recreational fishing to Canadians and the economy.  

The Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council is a confederation of organizations and individuals who share a concern for the present and future of sport fishing, our natural and stocked resources and the ecosystem in which we live.